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alister-will join near the beginning automaticly

morrigan-same as aliter

leliana-in lothering their will be an inn where you fight some people and the she will talk to you and you have to ask her to join

sten- he is in lothering in acage. talk to him and ask if you can free him. go to the chantry and ask the revered mother to give the key to you then go unlock his cage

wynne-during the broken circle quest you will meet her and shell join you

dog-if you do the human noble origin you will get one, but if you don't then when youre in ostagar their will be a kennel master he'll ask you to muzzle him so do that and he'll ask you to get a flower while youre in the wilds its kinda hard to miss so look around. go back and give the flower to him then after the battle of ostagar he'll come to you in a random encounter

oghren-during the paragon of her kind quest he joins automaticly

shale-downloadable content (dlc)

zeveran-fight him in a random encounter and spare him

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Q: How do you recruit all character in dragon age origins?
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In Dragon Age Origins when does Talmen appear in camp?

after you recruit your last group

If you import your character from dragon age origins to dragon age 2 will my strengh be the same as on dragon age origins?

You Cant import your character from Dragon age Origins. You Play as a character named Hawke Throughout the game. So there is no way to get the strength you had on your old character. If there is importing it will most likely effect Hawke's world through the choices the Warden made.

In Dragon Age Origins who is the secret companion?

*spoiler* It is Loghain, you can recruit him during the Landsmeet, but you will lose Alistair if you do so.

Can you get a dog on your team in Dragon Age Origins?

Yes. The human noble will recruit it during his origin quest, everyone else can recruit it in Ostegar by finding the herb to save the dying warhounds.

When will dragon age origins come out?

it won't dragon aren't real and what is dragon age origins

What do you do when you finish dragon age origins?

Start again from a different character background or play the expansion.

Is dragon age origins for PS3?

Dragon Age Origins is for PS3, Xbox-360, And PC.

Can you get three specialisations in Dragon Age Origins Awakening?

A character will earn their third specialisation point at Lv22

Is dragon age origins 1st person or third?

It is 3rd person, you view you chosen character from behind.

Is dragon age origins online?

The answer is yes. Dragon Age Origins is downloadable to PC through this site: As well as a few others most likely : )

What is Alistairs last name?

If you mean the Dragon Age Origins character, it's Theirin, Alistair Theirin.

What is dragon age origins?

Dragon Age Origins is a role-playing game by Bioware. Your character, who can be customized in background and race, joins the Grey Wardens - an elite group who are the only ones who can sense the darkspawn and defeat the archdemon threatening your world.