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Simple. Touch them. That's all.

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Q: How do you recapture a prisoner in metal slug anthology?
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When did Metal Slug Anthology happen?

Metal Slug Anthology happened in 2006.

When was Metal Slug Anthology created?

Metal Slug Anthology was created on 2006-12-14.

What are the ratings and certificates for Metal Slug Anthology - 2006 VG?

Metal Slug Anthology - 2006 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:T

How do you 4 players on Metal Slug Anthology for Wii?

Sadly, you can't. The 4-player support label on the back of the box is a misprint.

What are all the metal slug games?

metal slug zombie revenge, metal slug flash, armored hero metal slug, amored hero metal slug 2, metal slug zombie survival, metal slug defense, metal slug death defense, metal slug rampage 3, metal slug brutal 1, metal slug brutal 2, metal slug brutal 3, aqua slug, metal slug last mission, metal slug 1+2, metal slug rampage, metal slug stick. that is all of them!

Is metal slug anthology also for the ps3?

No only PSP and PS2 versions for Playstation Products. The Nintendo Wii also has a version of the game

When did Metal Slug happen?

Metal Slug happened in 1996.

When was Metal Slug created?

Metal Slug was created in 1996.

When did Metal Slug Advance happen?

Metal Slug Advance happened in 2004.

When was Metal Slug Advance created?

Metal Slug Advance was created in 2004.

Where you can buy metal slug games?

you can get metal slug games at a flea market

Do you have unlimited lives on Metal Slug Anthology psp?

Sorry, but no... I tried it and you only have 20 credits 3/2 lives each, and worst of all... you cant put in more credits. =(