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it doest say anything u need to know it just says it looks like an expensive statue you got finger prints on it. i read it cause the guy wasnt there

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Q: How do you read the statue in the mansion in Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you get manapy in Pokemon platinum?

go to Pokemon mansion to mister blacklot's office read the book there will be a picture of manaphy good luck

Which Pokemon is number 151 in Pokemon platinum pokedex?

It is manaphy. you can see it at the Pokemon mansion. it is in the owners office. read the book. then go talk to the professor

Is manaphy in platinum?

Yup! Although it's hard to get, it's there. To add it to your Pokedex, read the book in the Pokemon Mansion.

Pokemon platinum Where is manaphy?

you cannot get manaphy without action replay if you go to the Pokemon mansion with the garden theres a book you can read that will add it to your pokedex

Where yoo find manaphy in Pokemon platinum?

you cant but if you go in that placeby heart home at that Pokemon mansion and read that book on the table that will put manaphy into your pokedex.

Where can you find manaphy in Pokemon platinum?

no idea that's why im asking/= in the Pokemon mansion behind the guy theres a book all you have to do is read it and manaphy will be in the pokedex

What Pokemon is number 151 in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon platinum, the number 151 is Manaphy. You see him by going to the one mansion with the trophy Pokemon garden in it. In the room with the owner, you will see a book. Read the book to get him in your pokedex. Otherwise, you will need to have a Pokemon ranger event to get Manaphy.

Where can you see manaphy on Pokemon platinum?

south of hearthome there is a book in the backlot mansion read the book and mannaphy will be on one of the pages and it will be added to your pokedex or you can just buy an action replay and get a manaphy egg or Pokemon modifier

How do you catch manaphy on Pokemon platinum?

you cant catch it, but to get it in your pokedex go to mr blacklots mansion and go to his office and read the book on the desk then manaphy will be added to your pokedex

Pokemon Platinum how to get on pokeboats?

Okay. i havnt done this but i read the instructions for Pokemon platinum do that to find your answer

How many times do you have to touch the statue in Pokemon platinum to get a reaction from mrblacklot?

You don't get a reaction. Read below:

Where can you find a trainer that as manaphy in Pokemon Platinum?

there isn't one you go to the Pokemon mansion and behind mr.blackout or something there is a book you read it and then manaphy is in your pokedex