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you can do it on custom games , go on race and you spawn and respawn on one

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Q: How do you re-spawn on a mongoose on halo reach forge world?
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Can you put AI into Halo Reach Forge World?

No You Can't, But The Original Forge (Oracle) Is In Halo: Reach. (What Is AI?)

Do you really have to have xbox live to play forge world on Halo reach?

No! Forge World on Halo: Reach is completely free, provided you have the game and Xbox to play it on!

What is Halo Reach's biggest map?

Forge World.

How can you get a lot of credits in halo reach easily?

You just build a things on a forge map the best forge map to do it on is forge world

Can you create a map in halo reach?

YES! Halo reach has a "Forge" feature, which allows players to create maps, the reccomended map is forge world.

Do you have to have xbox live to play forge world on halo reach?

No, you don't.

Can you get infinite items in forge world in halo reach?

no u have a budget

Is there forge world on Halo 3?

No but if you are looking for a great map to forge on then I would suggest that you would go on sand trap but the only halo that has forge world is halo reach hope this helped thank you.

How do you create your own map in halo reach?

on halo reach you go to main menu and select forge and then select your map there start building your own map and i recommend forge world

How do you view forge maps in halo reach?

You go in to your lobby, either forge or custom games, and click on maps. This will show u a list of maps to choose from. One will say forge world, once you find the one tht says forge world, hit the A button and the forge world maps will come up.

Is the 'Forge' Halo map just an open forge map?

The map "Forge World" in a Halo: Reach is just a large map with nothing on it, other than like trees and rocks and stuff. There are only 4 items which you can place in Forge mode on "Forge World". 3 of which are in the spawn category.

Can you change the controls in halo reach forge world?

yes you can in options in the start menu