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Hover over the item you want, hold shift, and click it. Or, you can hover over an Item and press the number on your keyboard of the slot you want that item to jump to.

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Q: How do you quickly grab stuff out of a minecraft chest on macosx?
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How do you quickly grab stuff out of a minecraft chest?

You hold down "shift" while clicking on the items.

How do you quickly grab stuff from chests in Minecraft?

After opening a chest, to quickly grab an item, hold shift while clicking the item and it will go straight to your inventory.

How do you open a chest in minecraft with a laptop?

Simply place it down and right click on it. There, you will be able to put stuff in it and take stuff out.

How do you quickly grab stuff out of a minecraft chest in minecraft?

That's technically impossible. But if you play online, people often take the items that they mined for themselves in an own chest. If you want to steal those items (which will make them mad), just open it and take the items like normal.

How do you duplicate stuffs in Minecraft?

To duplicate stuff in minecraft you have to be on multiplayer and two players must be in 1 chest with and item stack in it. They both have to click on it at the same time and it will beacome duplicated.

What key do you press to shoot stuff from your inventory to your chest on minecraft?

You hold in the left shift key and then click on the item you want to move.

Why does Minecraft have fake stuff?

Minecraft doesn't...

What kind of chest in minecraft can you fill with stuff and take with you?

Ender Chests act kind of like a backpack- a very hard to make backpack.CraftingTo make an ender chest you put a eye of ender in the middle and eight pieces of obsidian around it.hope this helps!

Where do you get melon seeds in minecraft?

Find a melon patch and crush it and it will give you melon seeds. Some times when you find a chest when mining under ground it will have random stuff in them and melon seed will sometimes be in there.

What can you do with Yellowstone in Minecraft?

Yellowstoney Stuff

How do you receive stuff out of a chest fast in minecraft?

PC - Hold down the shift key and left-click items in the chest to withdraw quickly.Another method would be to destroy the chest in order to drop everything contained.

Do you have to buy Minecraft Beta to craft stuff like workbenches furnaces and chests?

Yes. And Minecraft Beta 1.8 with crafting, furnaces, chests and stuff is called "Minecraft Beta" or "Survival Mode".