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Go into your igloo

Click the tape measure at the bottom right hand of the screen

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Q: How do you put the furniture in your igloo on club penguin?
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What special furniture can you get for your Puffles in Club Penguin?

You can purchase furniture for your puffle in the second catalog in the Pet Shop in Club Penguin. The Club Penguin blog said that new puffle furniture will be released on Friday, February 13. Puffles will play with this special furniture when you put it in your igloo.

How do you put a computer in your igloo on club penguin?

u by it when it comes out

How do you put igloo items in your backyard on club penguin?

To put igloo items in your backyard on Club Penguin you will first need to select the type of igloo you want. You can then select the accessories and items you want to include and place them in the backyard.

How do you sell furniture on club penguin?

No You Can Not, Sell you're Furniture On Club Penguin.

How do you put furniture back into storage on club penguin?

You click on the edit you igloo icon and then click the item that you want to put into storage and drag it to the outside your igloo and let go of the item and it will go strait into storage!

Which funiture catolog on club penguin gives you games for your igloo?

You can't put games in your igloo.

How do you make a school on club penguin?

well in the September 2010 furniture cateloug you buy the school desks and chairs andd the chalkboard and whiteboard and then you put it into your igloo. Then get a teacher and some children in your igloo and you have a school!

Are there codes on club penguin to have igloo music?

Nope, their aren't. You have to buy a membership to put music in your igloo.

How do you destroy Club Penguin?

You can't destroy club penguin but you can pretend to destroy your igloo. You have to have the flares from July 2011 then put them in your igloo and press the up arrow key. Every now and then you will see a explosion! Destroy your igloo!

How do you put stuff in your house in club penguin?

Buy items in the igloo catalog or furniture catalog and buy stuff then click on the box. Note:You must me a member to that.

How do you put an item in your igloo in Club Penguin?

you click the measering tape in the bottom corner to the right and you click on the box then you click on the items you want to put in your igloo, you have to buy the items that you want in the furniture catholog first. (you have to be a member to do this) well I hoped it helped

Do you get to keep your igloo on club penguin when you are not a member anymore?

no they put it back to normale sorry