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Go onto yo zwinky profile and click on edit profile. It will come up with things like change password etc. There is a popout menu thing called custom stylesheet. Press click to display. Then a big box will come up. Go on a website where you can get codes to put pictures on. Copy and paste the code into the big box. When youoo have finsihed putting pictures on save it and all your pictures will be there on your profile.

Always feel free to visit my profile and adding me. I am called skip247.

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13y ago
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ok first you take a picture of urself then upload it on ur computer...then you need a code for it so you go to and if you dnt have an account then make one. upload the picture then on the side where ur pic is click on "HTML CODE" then copy it. Once you do that, go to "EDIT PROFILE" on your zwinky page and where is says "CUSTOM STYLESHEET" click there and press paste, enter your password in the bottom of the page to confirm it and then enter it. it will then take you to ur profile page i think and your picture should be there. if its not there try the IMG CODE and if that doesnt work either then you probably did something wrong! i hope this helped :]

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13y ago

If you are talking about picture of stars then go on find your picture u want click copy then go to zwinky click your page then edit profile then customize sheet or sum like that the click paste and put your pass in then go back 2 the page n its on there as simple as that

look at mine i did it.

my name is texascheerchick321

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Q: How do you put pictures on your zwinky profile?
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How dp you put pictures on your zwinky profile?

The 1 before I put this was no help at all.

How do you upload pictures on your zwinky profile?

Okay I would explain it but it is to hard to explain sorry

How do you put pictures as a background on zwinky?

how do u put pcs in zwinky like lil Wayne how do u put pcs in zwinky like lil Wayne

How do you get pictures on zwinky profile?

go on edit profile then click another tab go get the code for your pic then paste it on your page

Hoqw to put a playlist on your zwinky profile?

you can use the website create a playlist and then playlist at the bottom it will have an code.copy and paste this code on zwinky edit profile

How do you put pictures on a zwinky profile?

# go to # upload your picture # get the code for the picture # go to zwinky # then paste the code or # go to # add what you want to your picture # save it to your computer # then go to # and paste the code hope it helps

How do you add photos to your Zwinky account?

Put the URL of the photo in your "About Me" section of your profile.

Where do you put your zwinky layout code?

On your zwinky profile you click ware it says 'edit profile' on thare it says 'Custom stle sheet' click 'click to display' then paste the code onto the box.

How do you change your zwinky profile from private to public?

when you click on your profile and under your zwinky picture, there will be a button that says *edit profile* when you do just make your profile private

How do you put songs on zwinky profile page?

pik ur song u wunt at an get da cheat copy it an paste it on zwinky by sendin it in a znote

What are some websites for your zwinky profile?

Yes there is. The easiest one and the best one is You can get layouts for a lot of sites there. To put it on your Zwinky profile, go to edit profile, and you'll see a custom style sheet option, where you can open and paste the code for the layout in there. Hope this helped!

Where do you put the code for your zwinky layout?

you go to your profile and press edit profile and in the middle it says click to display and you press it and then you put paste and now you have your layout or graphic code in your profile and you just your put password in the bottom and put update profile or something like that and now your done -garciarosario