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it's a secret. Gretel and Hansel 3 come out in 2013.

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Q: How do you put music into a map on FeralHeart?
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How do you put feral heart on your desktop?

You can put FeralHeart on your desktop by downloading the feralheart game at the feralheart website. First you need to sign up and then click downloads, then you need to download the game setup and the patch. After that there should be a icon on your desktop that has wolf or lion paws and says FeralHeart under it. Hope this helps! :)

What is a valid map name on feralheart?

All i know is that you can not name your name a swear word. Of course people should know that.

Can you put black ops map packs and music in the same drive?


Do you have to download feralheart?

Yes. And it's free. Just go to the FeralHeart website to download it.

Can you chat on feralheart?

Yes :3.

What are cool wolf roleplay sites?

wolfquest and feralheart.

Is there a wolf game like club penguin?

no but there is feralheart

How do you fly on feralheart?

You get the wings and then press e to fly

Does any body have a feralheart user and password you can borrow?

Yes, mine is Saffire1992 If you want my password, get a WolfQuest account and Pm Saffire1992. I will give you my password to FeralHeart. ~Ashley(Saffire1992) :)

Is there any games that are wolves but not wolfquest?

there is,FeralHeart you can be a lion and a wolf there....

What are any games like WolfQuest?

animal jam and feralheart

Can do you put music on your ttds?

yes you can put music