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First, click on your start menu. Then you open the all programs button. Find Roblox. Then click on it and click roblox studio. Once done, go to your place. There should be an extra button on your page that says edit. Click on that. Once it has loaded, find the button that looks like two tools crossing over each other, one blue and one orange. Click on that button and a window will pop up. click on inventory on the top. Then click on free models/ decals (unless you want to use your saved ones) and just search for whatever you want. Once you click on it, it will appear over the last model you placed in your place. >:3 NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THAT

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Q: How do you put models in your place in roblox?
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How do you put models on you in roblox?

well i dont think you can you can only place them at your house/place

How do you put a model on a roblox character?

My ROBLOX > Character > Models

How do you put gear in your place in roblox?

Go to models click a gear then it will ask you do you want to put this in the starter gui then click yes.

How you put models in place on roblox?

1: on the top of your screen click insert. 2: then click 'Insert Model' .

What is the scariest place on Roblox?

A place full of Free Models

How do you put models in roblox using roblox studio 2.0?

Same as the old one

How do you put clothing on Roblox models?

by going to the my character screen

How do you place model in place for the new roblox for 2011?

Go to menu then look for "Roblox Studio". Click roblox studio then find the toolbox. Click that and you can make and insert models into your place.

Where do models go when you buy them on roblox?

You can put it in your house. That's what I always do with them!

How do I put models into my game on ROBLOX?

Old way doesn't work anymore. You need to go in the "ROBLOX Studio." You go to your place and click "Edit Mode." and when your game loads you go to tools, then toolbox and if you want to script click on explorer. Then in toolbox search for the models you want, click on them, and click where you want them.

How do you make a game place with cool stuff on roblox?

If you're on a windows computer, go to the start menu and search "roblox studio". click roblox studio and then go to you're place. Click edit (not build) and then use the tools at the top to put in free models, free decals and more!

How do you put models in your place on roblox 2011?

On the options menu in game, click "studio mode" then click toolbox. If you want an easier way, join the insert tool wanters on roblox to fight for the usual way!