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You will need to download a screen recorder in order to do so. There should be an option to upload to YouTube, but if not, look up a tutorial on how to upload videos onto YouTube.

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Q: How do you put a minecraft video onto you tube?
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Put your video into iTunes, then put it onto your iPod Touch. If it won't work, download HandBrake.

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by buying video camera for computer and make a video and if your a member of you tube put it up

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You can drag the video you wanted to itunes. then put it on the movies section.

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sorry you cant directly get health bar offline and put on video by editing software

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How do you put minecraft xbox 360 saves onto a PC?

You can't. This is because the version of the Minecraft Xbox 360 is different from the PC Version.

Put video on you-tube?

ps it take a while to up load

Can you put videos from your Spy Net Video Watch onto the internet and how?

you take the video files and put them on the computer. upload them from your computer

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Look on