How do you put Pokemon Red on vba?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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if you mean on emulator you download the file from,after you download this you open visual boy advance go to file after go to open file and you will find the file you have downloaded click on it and play.

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Q: How do you put Pokemon Red on vba?
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Why can't you configure the controls on Pokemon Fire Red ROM for VBA?

you must comfigure the controls on the vba not there is no diff key set

What are the main cheat codes used in Pokemon Fire Red in VBA?

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Why can't my Pokemon FireRed save on VBA?

If you are using an emulator like VBA to play Pokemon Fire Red then you do not save as you normally do. You save using the emulator controls.

How do you awaken Snorlax in game Pokemon Red fire VBA?

Use the pokeflute.

How do you exchange backup memory on PC fire red No?

For VBA what I did sucked but worked. I deleted my VBA and all my games, made a new VBA and then, before i downloaded a game rom(this is important make sure you do this before downloading pokemon) I went to options save type I put Flash and Flash128k or something like that and i also put in RTC. then I downloaded the game

Why can't I save in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team for VBA?

Maybe either the VBA or the Computer is old... or maybe you need some experience... either or...

From where can you download Pokemon Diamonds and pearls vba rom?

pokemon diamond and peal vba download

When i put Pokemon cheats in gameshark in vba my game restarts in ruby?

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How do you you trade with yourself in Pokemon FireRed for vba?

you need two GBAs. a GBA trade cable. (its usually clear and has a big input/out put) your fire red and another Pokemon game and go to a Pokemon center on both and trade!

How do you put cheats on for Pokemon LeafGreen on vba?

Go to Cheats -> Cheat list... -> Gameshark... and then type in the code.

What save type do you use to save in Pokemon fire red for VBA?

128k, go to emulator>savetype>128k

How can I fix the save problem with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team VBA?

I am not positive if this will work, but it sounds like a similar problem with Pokemon Fire Red. On your VBA, go to "Options" scroll down to "Emulator" over to "Save Type". Now change it to "Automatic" and "FLASH 128K".