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To post a comment first make sure you are logged into roblox.

Next go to the place,item,decal e.t.c and click the Comment tab.

Then scroll down and enter your comment!


For example, like Coneill, you should visit a place, for example "Roblox City Treasure Hunt", type it in the box, logged on, then you are ready to start!"


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Q: How do you post a comment on roblox?
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How do you put a comment in an ad on roblox?

You can't. You can post a comment though and then take a screenshot of it (PrtScn SysRq key in the upper right corner). Then you paste that picture to the Roblox Ad template and you can run that ad.

How do you post a comment on a game in Roblox?

Go to the game you want to post a comment on, and then scroll down. If the game creator has enabled comments on his or her game, you will see a tab called 'Commentary' at the bottom of the page. Click on it. You should see a blue box with your character's picture next to it. Write your comment and then click ' Comment'. Your comment should be posted unless your last comment was posted quite recently (about 1 minute).

Where do you post a comment on roblox?

It depends on what you want to post on. If you want to post on something in the Catalog, then go to click on the item you want to and scroll down a little, there you can post a comment. If you can't comment, it means that the owner of the item disabled comments on that item. On places it's basically the same thing, go to the place, scroll down, and click on Comments. Sometimes the owner of that place disables comments, so you won't be able to post on those.

How do you delete a comment on roblox?

I am sure that once you write something on someones comment wall it will not be removed unless it is breaking rules of Roblox. Sorry. By xX9Omg9Xx Add me.

How do you remove comment after its posted?

On your own post you can delete any comment, but on others post you can only delete your comment only.

How do you comment on mimo777s website?

Click comment at the bottem of his post.

How do you comment on a blog?

Under the blog post section go to the comment area. There you will see the form details fill it up as required and post your comment.

How do you comment in a game in roblox?

To comment on a game on robloxyou need freechatyour account nees to be older than one day

How can you post your current status on roblox?

Go to My ROBLOX, then there should be a white box on the right of your avatar. That's where you post your current status.

How do you post a youtube comment?

It's easy. First, create your youtube account. Then, find the video that you want to comment on. Right click on the video and click on "Add a comment." Type in your comments, and then click on "Post comment."

How do you post a comment on girlslifecom?

first of all,you have to be registered and signed in to post a the end of the reader coments,there will be a box with the words''post comment'' above it. then, type your comment in the box and hit the submit button

Who can post birthday comments on MySpace?

When wishing to post a birthday comment on the MySpace wall of a MySpace member the person wishing to post the comment must be a member to do so as they must be logged in when adding the comment for it to post on the other persons wall.