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You need an emulator such as SNES9X or ZNES.

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Q: How do you play your lunar magic games?
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How do you play level in lunar magic?

There is no play level you need to download a emulator like Zsnes.

How do you use Lunar Magic?

i want to use lunar magic but i have no idea how!!!!!!

What is Lunar Magic?

Lunar Magic is an editor for Super Mario World which is very easy to use.

How can you use a emulator with lunar magic?

If you want to use a emulator to play the game you created on lunar magic: go to this site and download "Zsnes" (make sure to have a icon for it) Then drag the Rom hack into the Zsnes icon.

What magic games can be played online?

There are a number of sites that offer magic games. You can play Magic, The Happening Game online. A person can also play other games such as Mirror Magic,Magic Accademy as well as several flash type games. Just do a search and find the game that best suits your needs.

How do you edit levels with lunar magic?

You don't "edit levels" in RuneScape (if that's what you mean) - not with lunar magic, and not otherwise.The Lunar spells give you additional options for magic; to be able to use those, you need to complete the quest "Lunar Diplomacy". Some of the spells in the Lunar spellbook have additional requirements.

Does the swap magic play jp games?

since games are as movies that have different regions, so does there are different swap magic regions so you need the swap magic region jp to play them

How do you play Quiet game?

You can play quiet card games or magic.

Does magic Johnson play video games?

if he wants to

How can you hack Super Mario world?

There are a lot of programs that you can use but I would recommend Lunar Magic. You can get Lunar Magic and a lot of information about SMW hacking on Download a package of Lunar Magic and a SMW Rom here:

Where do you find Lunar Magic? Is lunar magics site.

Is lunar magic safe?