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You cant do storyline on 2p but if you go to two player there is stuff you can do there

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Q: How do you play two players on the storyline for Sonic Heroes on the PS2?
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Is sonic heroes for 2 players?

yes butt its funny if you play online !

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the answer is yes,but you can only be Sonic,Tails,Kunx,Shadow,Eggman,Rouge the bat No I beat sonic heroes And NO CHAO WORLD.

Is it possible to be hyper sonic in missions in sonic heroes missions?

The answer if you can texture hack so then you can play hyper sonic

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I'm afraid there has been no hearing of Sonic Heroes 2. But he will show up in multiplayer mode in Sonic and the Black Knight if you play it.

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c d e g

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prese a to chang to any ariter

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