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the way you do it is you say n the chat theres name ex:( theres a picture of telemon) just say telemon if you cant talk its because your a noob and you dont know that Roblox IS FREE YOU GUESTs\

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Q: How do you play name that character in roblox?
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What is the phone on roblox name that character 150?

cell phone

Do you play Roblox?

Yes, I do. My account name is Zombietheundead321. If you play Roblox, join my group, the Department of ROBLOXian Community Defence.

How do you put a model on a roblox character?

My ROBLOX > Character > Models

How do you change clothes in roblox in a game?

To change your outfit on Roblox you must have an account(not play as a guest). First click "My Roblox", then select "My Character". From here you can select to wear any clothes you have purchased.

How do you make your own person on roblox?

While on the Roblox website, go to "My Roblox". Then click on "My Character". There, you can change and edit your character.

Why won't my character load on Roblox?

If your character is not loading on Roblox try to clear your cache and cookies in the browser.

Can a roblox character get pregnant?


How do you change your clothes on roblox the game and were is it on Roblox?

To change your outfit on Roblox you must have an account (not be playing as a guest). First click "My Roblox". Then click on "My Character". From this page you will be able to customize your Roblox character with any clothes you have bought in the game.

Why do you have to run something when you play roblox?

When you play Roblox the only thing that you have to run is Roblox itself. When you click to play a Roblox game the Roblox application launches an then connects you to the game. This must be ran as it is Roblox, and without it you would not be playing.

What Shakespeare play had a character named Bartley?

No Shakespeare play has a character of that name.

Is Nerf in Roblox?

Times have changed on roblox and it is on there if you play roblox.

Why is roblox called roblox?

'Blox' is pronounced "blocks", and refers to the block style of the game. 'Ro" as in Robots because your character is a robot or it has been attached to the beginning for style and uniqueness, otherwise it wouldn't have been much of a name.