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Depends on Ps3 Xbox or PC for all of them you have to have some type of internet connection, wireless, wired, for Xbox you have to have Xbox live which is 15$ a month or a year I don't remember for Ps3 and PC its free, when you start the game you just select multiplayer from the main menu and pick server to play on, join it, and you are all done.

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Q: How do you play multiplayer on battlefield 3?
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What is the age requirement to play multiplayer on battlefield 3?

You have to be 13 years old to play on the multiplayer for Battlefield 3.

Do you have to have xbox live to play battlefield 3 on xbox 360 multiplayer?


Can you play regular multiplier on battlefield 3 with no xbox live?

No, you need xbox live to play multiplayer. But you can still play campaign missions.

Can you play Battlefield 3 with less than 1 GB of memory on the Xbox 360?

if you have xbox live, u can play any multiplayer

How do you play online on Battlefield 3 without multiplayer disc?

You can't. The multiplayer disc is the only one that allows you to connect to the network. Campaign disc is purely the campaign.

How do you play multiplayer on battlefield 3 if it says player is too young?

put ur age as 18 they can't check!

Can kids play battlefield 3?

Kids can play battlefield 3. From what I know you are not able to play online unless you are 13 years or older. Unless you put in a fake birthday then you can't play the multiplayer. Also if you want to know whether your child should play look at the rating. For Battlefield 3 it is M+ for 17 and up. So, yes they can, but it is not suggested.

When playing battlefield bad co on xbox live how can you choose what type game you play on multiplayer?

In the options for multiplayer.

Does Battlefield 3 support have unlimited ammo in multiplayer?

Yes, the support man in battlefield 3 has unlimited ammo for him and all of his teammates.

Can you play online on battlefield 1942 PC?

Yes, there are servers on Multiplayer that you can join on 1942.

Is battlefield 3 close quarters only multiplayer or does it have a campaign?

Nope, it's only an expansion pack for multiplayer.

How do you play Battlefield Bad Company 2 Online on your PS3?

Go to Multiplayer tab and look for play and press it.