How do you play crossfire with a controller?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it's not possible to play Crossfire with an external controller. Only with your mouse.

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Q: How do you play crossfire with a controller?
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How do you play crossfire with a ps3 controller?

plug it in and play :D

Is crossfire better than combat arms?

Yes,crossfire does not lag.Ihave play combat arms before and it lags a lot. crossfire does not.

How may players is gundam crossfire playable?

Gundam crossfire can play 1-2 players but if you play with 2 players you will have to fight each other

Can you play crossfire on Windows XP?


How many years do i be to play crossfire?


Can i play dayz with controller?

Yes, you can play the dayz with the controller.

How can you play as a female in crossfire?

Buy the SPOP character

Does crossfire contain a virus?

no, Crossfire is a completely safe game. Also, for further confirmation.. the publisher is trusted by millions of people who play crossfire. The publisher is z8games.- also i downloaded spybot. on there and ran it it found alot of things, but none to do with crossfire

What type of game is crossfire?

crossfire is a military based first person, online game. It is a first person shooter, actually very fun to play.

Can you use a controller to play Littlebigplanet 2?

How else are you supposed to play it? Yes, you use a controller.

Do you need a PS3 controller to play Rock Band?

The PS3 controller is necessary to do the vocals, but you can play drums and guitars without having a PS3 controller.

What crossfire Philippines server should you play in if you are from Australia?

I think its Sidewinder server.