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yes you can on line but not on multiplayer or splitscreen

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Q: How do you play 4 player nazi zombies on black ops?
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How do you play 4 player zombies on Black Ops?

you can play 4 player on zombies (black ops) but not offline you must play only nazi zombies i just found out sorry :)

Can you play 4 player on call of duty nazi zombies?

yes you can play up to 4 players in nazi zombies.

Can you play nazi zombies by yourself on call duty black ops?

yeah if you press zombies then solo

Can you play 4 player on Call of Duty 5 Nazi Zombies on one console?

No. You can only play 2 player zombies if you play offline.

Can you play 2 player nazi zombies by beating campaign?

After completing the World At War campaign, you will be able to play Nazi Zombies with a maximum of TWO players. To play with the ultimate maximum of FOUR you have to play online.

How do you play nazi zombies?

Shoot them zombies!

How can you play nazi zombies online 2 player?

no, you can only sign in to one account from one ps3.

Can you play three player on one console on nazi zombies?

No. Only two player split-screen.

Does Call Of Duty Black Ops for Wii have Nazi zombies?

yes it has nazi zombies on a map called kin der toten and you can play that from start you dont have to unlock it

How can you play 3 players offlien on nazie zombies?

first u have to play death ops 3 player kill your self as soon as the screen turns black the first player has to sine out then sine in then go to Nazi zombies play 3 player it all so works for 4 player but it will glitch. By: Angel Lopez

Could you play two players on call of duty Black Ops Nazi Zombies?

Yes you can.

How do you play Nazi Zombies four player?

Try playing split screen with four controllers.