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It has to be powered by a redstone signal ether next to or below the piston

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Q: How do you place a open piston on minecraft?
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Can you paste a piston facing up in Minecraft?

well it is very simple, Stand on The Block You want to place the piston on. Once that's done quickly jump and place the piston.

How do you make a table out of a pistol on minecraft?

im guessing you ment piston, if so, put the piston in the ground, and under it, place a redstone torch.

Piston on Minecraft 1.7.7?

piston are all ready on the new minecraft beta and they will mot be removed.

How do you get the pokemon mod pack on Minecraft?

For MACFirst download it from the website and open the downloaded file. If it is not a zip file, then compress it. Place it in the mod folder of minecraft by going to ~/Library then open Application Support. Find minecraft and open the folder labeled mods and place the zip file in the folder.

Do sticky piston elevators work in minecraft?

of course

Which Lego set does the minecraft piston come in?

There are no minecraft pistons made for lego sets yet.

How do you make a sticky piston in minecraft?

To make a sticky piston, you first need a piston and a slimeball. Slimeballs can be obtained through killing Slimes. Go into your inventory and in the 2 by 2 space next to your character, place a slimeball on one of the top spaces. Then, then place a piston in the bottom space directly below the slimeball. Finally, click on the sticky piston to the right and now you have a sticky piston. In other words: b a or a b c a a c a = empty space b = slimeball c = piston

Does a piston check valve open because of pressure or flow under the piston?


Is there anything you can craft using slimeballs in minecraft?

The only thing you can craft with slimeballs in minecraft is a sticky piston. You can put a slimeball and the piston in the crafting to make it.

What is the difference between a sticky piston and a piston in minecraft?

In all editions of Minecraft, pistons can push blocks, however, sticky pistons are able to push blocks too, but pull them back as well.

When will you be able to use piston without mod minecraft?

In Beta 1.6

How do you die in the void in minecraft?

In survival you use a piston but in creative you just break it.