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You can loot them off bodies by searching (A). The can also be picked up off of the ground with "A"

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Q: How do you pick up weapons on Skyrim Xbox?
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How do you drop weapons on MW2 xbox?

the only way you can drop a weapon is if you pick up another weapon to replace it.

How do you pick up weapons in Assassins Creed 2?

When standing next to a weapon on the floor hit the B button(Xbox 360)Circle button(PS3) to pick it up.

How do you pick up weapons in tf2?

You can't pick up weapons. The weapon you wish to use must be in your inventory and then you can equip it.

How do you get more weapons on Teamfortress2?

if you've got the Xbox version you cannot get more weapons. however if you've downloaded it off steam you can pick them up. to download steam make a account and download tf2 its free. hope my answer helps.

Where do items go in Skyrim if you have been disarmed?

When you get disarmed, your weapon drops to the ground, you have to pick it up.

How to pick up weapons on blockland?

easy, touch it

How do you get more weapons in call of duty world at war?

(Xbox Live) You have to level up to get more weapons.

How do you put weapons on a weapon stand in skyrim?

Weapon stands are decorative, not functional items. Unlike weapon display cases and wall mounts, there is no automatic way to place weapons on a stand. You'd have to drop the weapon, then use the 'hold' key to manually pick the weapon up and try to slide it into place.

How do you pick up weapons on Shadow the Hedgehog PS2?

Press the circle button near a weapon to pick it up.

How do you pick up weapons on hobo 4?

press the key a

What button do you press to get quick slots on Skyrim?

Q on PC, D-pad Up/Down on Xbox 360, and D-pad Up on PS3.

Why does my data keep erasing on the XBox version of Skyrim?

because your mum stuffed it up Not funny you @sshole. You need better parenting.