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Either with a credit card or by buying PlayStation Network card from Walmart, 7-Eleven ect...and entering the code on the back of the card into PSN after signing in.

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Q: How do you pay for downloads on the psp go?
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Do you have to pay for downloads on the psp go?

There won't be a UMD Disc tray so you can't play normal games, you will have to pay for full PSP games on PlayStation Store

Does PSP downloads work for PSP go?

The PSP Go connects to the PlayStation Network store, from which you can purchase games, which will then be downloaded onto the PSP Go.

Do you put in game discs for psp go?

No, the PSP Go uses downloads from the PSN only.

Are you going to download games for your PSP or buy games for it?

The Playstation Go has to use downloads while the PSP can use UMDs or downloads

Are psp go game downloads free?

No, you have to buy them.

How do you return games in psp go 6.35?

You do not return downloads

Where to download full psp games Legally?

The PSN is the place to go for legal PSP game downloads.

Why is a PSP 3000 better than a PSP go?

Some people feel it is because the PSP uses UMD for games that can be resold when you are done with them and the PSP Go only uses downloads

How you downloads Pokemon for PSP?

Pokemon is not a PSP game

What is the diference between PSP and PSP go?

In the psp go you have to download games. The regular psp you don't have to. I like the psp better than the psp go. You also have to pay for the psp go games you download.

Where can one access free PSP music downloads?

There are many programs which allow one to access free PSP music downloads. These include Free PSP Music Downloads, M4MY, NV Entertainment and Music4ce.

PSP theme downloads for free?

The best place to go is PSP-THEMES.COM its so easy you look for wat u want and click download!!