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go here

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Q: How do you pass thin ice on club penguin?
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How much levels is there in thin ice?

There are 13 levels in counting in the game thin ice on club penguin.

Were is thin ice played on club penguin?

in the dance lounge above the night club

Were is a place with thin ice in club penguin?

It is up stair of the Nightclub.

How do you get every block in thin ice on club penguin?

Simply have good timing, effort, and logic.

Where is thin ice on Club Penguin?

Go to the Town. Go into the Night Club. Go Upstairs. It should be the Arcade Game on the Left. =)

What is Astro Barrier in Club Penguin?

it's a arcade game you can find in the lounge next to thin ice

What is the ice shelf on Club Penguin?

It's a Club penguin Server!

On club penguin how do you get coins?

# you play games irecommend thin ice in the up stairs of night club # the game to the right of thin ice astro-barrier # and when you walk in the night club you will see a dance contest sign up that will give you 10+ i got 49

Where is the ice rink on Club Penguin?

the ice rink in club penguin is on the snow forts but sometimes they turn it into a football stadium.

How do you get back stage at the ice berg on club penguin?

go to the shop and buy the all acssess pass MEMBERS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there an iceberg catalog on Club Penguin?

Those are only story no one can tip the ice burg there is no a catalog of Ice Burg On club penguin

Where is the ice block with the springer in the ice in club penguin?

at the iceberg