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Polka dot swimsuit

Piano necktie

Striped sandals

Orange sunglasses

Same hair+eyes

Parrot (3 star item)

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Q: How do you pass the jana pin up level on style me girl?
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How do you pass level 18 on style me girl?

how do I pass the Halloween level 18 on dress me girl

How do you pass the-lyan-li Hollywood-level on style me girl?

Do this blue dress rainbow hair Then you are done

How do we pass the Lolita level on style me girl?

To pass the Lolita level on Style Me Girl, you need to dress your avatar in clothing and accessories that reflect the Lolita fashion style. This typically includes items like frilly dresses, lace stockings, bows, and platform shoes. Pay attention to the specific requirements and details of the level to create a look that fits the theme.

How do you pass the level with madison on stylish girl 2?

you weat th

How do you pass level 6 on Hollywood style maker?

This is how you pass level 6 on Hollywood style maker you go to dresses, In hair you pick the last hair in row 4.Go to dresses in row 1 go to the 9th dress. In shoes you pick the 10th shoe.

What is the Aircel caller tune code no of Kuch khas hai kuch pass hai from Fashion film?

tune mere jana kabhi nahi jana

How do you pass Hollywood style maker level 4?

who knows i am completely lost and i honestly don't care. im done. this is bull.

How do you pass level 12 on Nintendo DS game Fashion Designer style icon?

Mission 12-Against Time. To pass, you must gain speed. Try doing it faster.

How do you pass level 11 in Hollywood Style-maker?

To win, you need the black tanktop on row one, you need the brown pants on the 2 level, and the brown shoes/loafers at the very bottom.

How do you pass level 9 on Hollywood style maker?

In Level 9 you wear the white v-neck long sleve shirt, the long brown pants, and the brown boots. No accesories are needed.

How do you pass level 31 on escape?

pass level 32 on 40escape

How do you pass level 5 on Hollywood style maker?

hair:any hair top:white coat wthblack shirt bottom:white pants shoes:black boots with fuzzy thing on it