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You need the members pass and then go to canalave city and the door should open. if it doesnt open i dont know how da f*ck you do

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Q: How do you open the inn door in Canalave?
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How do you get the Canalave city inn door open?

you need to get a special pass from a nentendo event then you will get the door open

How do you open the inn door in canalave city?

by the special darkrai event given away in 2008.

I have a Member's pass how do i open the canalave inn's door in Pokemon pearl?

If you received it by mistery gift, the door should open normally. if you put it there with pokesav, you can't.

How do you get the Harbor inn to open in Canalave City?

You have to get the membership pass.

Can you enter the inn of canalave city with hacks?

No, you cannot. Opening the Canalave Inn is a part of the Darkrai event/cheat, that is the only way(as far as I know) you can open it, and that is the only time you can open it. (I think)

How do you open the harbor inn door?

The Harbor Inn in Canalave City from the Pokemon generation four games can only be opened with the Member Card. This item can only be obtained through an official Nintendo event.

What kind of Nintendo event to open the harbor inn in canalave city?

member card event

Where is the inn in canalave city?

it is in the upper right corner of canalave city

You put in the code now where do you go to get Darkrai?

Go to canalave city where the old inn is, which is north eastern of the the Pokemon center. Then you take the key and open the inn door, where a man puts you to bed, and then you go into a nightmare. You will arrive on an island, where you have to kill, or catch darkrai to get off.

How do you open the inn in canalave city?

You have to get an item called the membership card form a wifi event, but there is an AR code for it.

How do you open the door in canalave city on Pokemon platinum?

you need an action replay

How do you open the door that is locked in canalave city diamond?

you need to get a Nintendo event