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In order to open the warehouse door on Five Island, you will have to collect two passwords in order to open the door. The first one is obtainable from two rocket grunt on Mt. Ember (located near One Island), and a scientist at the bottom of dot hole (located on Six Island).

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Q: How do you open the door in five island in fire red?
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How do you open the door on island six Pokemon fire version?

Use the move Cut.

How do you get past the guy in front of the steel door on island six on fire red?

you use the hm cut on the door to open it

Did Marcia Michelle Brown open the Fire Door in the past?

yes Marcia Michelle Brown did open the Fire Door in the past.

When is it ok to prop open a fire door?

When there's a fire.

Did you know it was Marcia Michelle Brown that did open the Fire Door in the past?

No you did not know it was Marcia Michelle Brown that did open the Fire Door in the past.

How do you blast open the door on spy island?

You can't open the safe door. Go over the ceiling.

Is it true that when opening a door while escaping a fire you should brace your shoulder against the door and open it slowly?

yes you open the door slowly cause if you open it fast the fire will increase and you might be in serice danger

On the sims 2 castaway how do you get into the ancient door on the third island?

In order to open the door you have to get to the other beach and there is something there that you get to open the door

Is it possible to open a fire escape door from the outside?

Its possible to open any door from the out side but it was only ment to be open from the inside.

How you find out the second password for rocket warehouse in fire red?

go to dotted hole on six island to open dotted hole which is on the lower part of the island you must use cut on the door.

Where is the dragon scale in six island?

go to four island. beat team rocket in four island. go to six island. use cut. the door will open. get the saphire, but a guy steals it from you, and gives you a second password. go o five isaland. the doors will open with two passwords.

How do you open the doors on vampire's curse island?

The armory door is opened with a key. After you light the fire and all the chandeliers, pick up the glass eye and put it back in the tiger's head. To open the main door at the far right, use the crowbar.