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use cut

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Q: How do you open the closed roads in Pokemon Red?
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How do you get through closed roads in Pokemon Fire Red?

Go to Celadon City, then visit the old lady in the tall building next to the boy with the burned tongue. The old lady will give you a tea. Give the tea to the police officers, and they will open the closed roads.

The gym in cinnabar island is closed fire red?

The gym is locked to make the game a little more challenging the key is in the Pokemon mansion which is near the gym.

How do you unlock the underground tunnel in Lavender Town and by Celadon City?

Sadly, it will remain closed for the duration of the game. The underground tunnel was closed on purpose due to some suspicious activity. It was open in Pokemon Red and Blue, but to show time progress and change in the Kanto region, it was closed.

How do you go through the closed road to get the next city in red version in Pokemon?

Buy a water out of the vending machine on the top level of the big celadon mart and try to walk through one of the closed roads. The guard wil take it and then share it with all the other guards, letting you through each road.

How do you make brock open the gym doors in Pokemon Red?

It is all ready open

Is Red Lobster Open on the day after Christmas in Medford OR?

No. Many are open for at least part of the day on Christmas Eve.

How do you open the 7th gym in Pokemon fire red?

You can find the key to unlock the door in Pokemon mansion

What components would interfere with the functioning of an open circulatory system but not a closed one?

Out of electrolytes, water, red blood cells, amino acids, and antibodies, red blood cells would interfere with an open system.

What button of the keyboard must you press to open the menu at Pokemon fire red on PC?


How does Pokemon Red save?

It saves like every other Pokemon game. You open the menu and select the Save button once ingame.

How do you get in dotted hole in red version?

First you need a Pokemon with-HM 01Cut,such as Persian.Also a Pokemon with surf.Then use cut on the door and it will open

When are they going to open the space station in Pokemon fire red?

There isn't any space stations in firered.