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Just right click

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Q: How do you open chests on minecraft PC?
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How do you get a pig saddle in Minecraft Xbox?

Like the PC/Mac edition, I'm pretty sure you can only get saddles in chests that spawn randomly in the world, such as dungeon chests, abandoned mine shaft chests, and stronghold chests.

Why won't chests on minecraft alpha 1.2.4 open?

The "too many items" mod jacks up chests. Turn it off, or accept the limitation.

How do you open a chest in minecraft PC?

You right click on it.

Do you have to buy Minecraft Beta to craft stuff like workbenches furnaces and chests?

Yes. And Minecraft Beta 1.8 with crafting, furnaces, chests and stuff is called "Minecraft Beta" or "Survival Mode".

How do you get gunpowder in minecraft without monsters?

From dungeon chests

What biome a melons found in in Minecraft?

Melons are not found in any biome. You can only find melon seeds in chests that the world generates itself. This includes dungeon chests, abandoned mineshaft chests, and stronghold chests.

Where can you get Minecraft for PC?

The PC version is purchased exclusively from the Minecraft website.

How much does Minecraft for PC cost?

Minecraft for the PC costs 26.95.

Does it cost to play Minecraft on PC?

yes it does you have to buy minecraft PC

How do you make a lead in minecraft?

You can't make it, you have to find it in dungeon chests.

Where do you get string in Minecraft?

String is a common drop from Spider and mob traps

How do you install Minecraft PC to disc?

You insert an empty disc into your PC or CPU and open your downloads folder (or wherever you put the minecraft launcher) and click and drag the minecraft launcher to the empty disc drive located usually on the side of the libraries organizer under "computer".