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receive the helix fossil and revive it at the Pewter Museum

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Q: How do you obtain omanyte in heartgold?
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What level does omante evolves in Pokemon HeartGold?

Omanyte evolves at Lv.40 in heartgold.

Which fossils can you get in Pokemon HeartGold?

omanyte and anorith and aerodactyl

What level does omanyte envole heartgold?

Level 40.

Which is better in heartgold and soulsilver omanyte or kabutops?

Personally I think kabutops is better.

How do you get omanyte in pokemon heartgold?

crush all the rocks on ruins of alph until you find a helix fossil

Where can you get an omanyte in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You have to trade it from HeartGold, in the ruins of alph when you use rock smash on the rocks you can find the Dome Fossil(for kabuto) but that's only for SoulSilver, the Helix Fossil(for Omannyte) is only found in HeartGold

When do you get the red orb in heartgold?

You must obtain it from trade.

How do you get fly in Pokemon HeartGold?

Obtain it from a gym leader.

Can you get the red orb in HeartGold?

No, you could only obtain the red orb in Pokemon Soulsilver and Blue Orb in HeartGold

What is in the MT Moon cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

u obtain 1 of 2 fossils: the helix fossil (omanyte) or the dome fossil (kabuto).

Where do you get helix fossils in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can only get the Helix Fossil in Pokemon HeartGold. This means that to get an Omanyte or Omastar in SoulSilver, you must either trade for one or trade for a Pokemon holding one.

Where do you find aipom in Pokemon heartgold?

You can obtain an Aipom by headbutting trees.