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You have to go to edit town and then you have to save and copy your family onto the clipboard then save it and when you get back to the game go on your computer or phone and click on MOVE then all you have to do is select town and family and there you go....I have the game late night and the regular sims 3 so it works

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Q: How do you move to a different town in the sims 3?
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How do you move into a different house in sims 3 iPod touch?

You can start by clicking on the go to town map and move anywhere

How do you make your Sims move to a different home in The Sims 3?

You go to there inventory and click on the phone. Then you click on the move option.

How do you get a pet on sims 3 the town stuff?

You cannot get a pet on The Sims 3 Town Life. You can only get a pet on The Sims 3 Pets.

How do you live with your partner on sims 3?

Ask to move in or you can go to edit town and put them in the same house.

How do you move sims in different houses to another city on the sims 3 with out them losing there relationship?

By puting them on the middle of the chart befor you move hope this helped.

How can you make a town in The Sims 3?

You cannot edit or recreate your town on the sims 3 but on the sims 2 you can. you could also go to their website and try

Can sims in Sims 3 travel?

Well, kind of. You can go around town but, to actually travel to other places then you need the World Adventures expansion pack. But also your sims/sim can move to another town if you want to travel. Just go onto the computer and find the move option :D-Hope this helped

Can you move into another sims house on The Sims 3 ambition?

on the edit town mode you can merge households. also if your sim is good enough friends with another sim in another household and they are at that sims house at the moment then that other sim can ask you if you would like to move in

Can you move in the Sims 3?

in Sims 3 on xbox 360 you can. So I am pretty sure you can in all sims 3

In Sims 3 how do you move you sims out their house?

have them go on the computer or call and select move out.

How Can You Roam Freely In The Sims 3 For Ps3?

no, I'm pretty sure that in all forms of Sims 3 you are confined to a single town except in international in which you can go to several different towns.

How do you kick one of your sims out of your house in The Sims 3?

Click onto your sim so that you are playing as them. Go into their inventory and click their phone. Click 'Move', then select which sims you want to kick out. To the left of the 'Accept' tick, check the box that says 'Kick Out'. This will send those sims to a random vacant lot in your town. You can also go to 'Edit Town' and split sims from households in your town that you aren't controlling.