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After beating the pastoria gym leader talk to the galatic grunt near the great marsh entrance. He said that you been ease droping and run away. Follow him and your rival bump into you for a battle. After the battle follow him again and keep talking to him intil he is done with running away so he will battle you. Then after beating him he will just walk toward the lake. Then you will she cynthia. Talk to her and she will talk about the psyduck having headake. She will give you a secret potion to heal their cronic headake.
You get a secret medicine from cynthia(*who later in the elite four is the champion)

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Q: How do you move the Psyduck in Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you move the group of pysickduck in Pokemon diamond?

You have to keep following the road to the right of the psyduck until u get to the next lake. Cythia will then give it to you :)

Where is Psyduck located in Pokemon diamond?

in almost every body of water (using surf)

How do you get psyducks Pokemon diamond DS?

you can usally run into psyduck in lakes. there is the great marsh though.....

How do you get past the flock of Psyduck in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Read this

How do you move the psyduck in pokemon dimond?

When you go to the lake by Pastoria city and you get its gym badge the champion will come to you when you go by it and give you a SpecialMedicine that you give to the Psyduck

What Pokemon can breed with psyduck on ruby?

Psyduck can breed with psyduck, I think

How do you make the Psyduck move from Route 210 in Pokemon Platinum?

After the explosion at the Great Marsh, follow the Cyrus and beat him. Then Cynthia will give you the SecretPotion, which makes the Psyduck's heads feel better and makes them move.

Where can you find the Psyduck watering can in Pokemon diamond?

In Floaroma town. In the big house with planting soil. Go in, and talk to the girl.

How do you catch a bagon in Pokemon Diamond?

get nationaldex go to the route by were the psyduck were (ahead) and usepokeradar and find one no you can only find bagons in Pokemon perl version

Which Pokemon have the move psychic?

Hypno, Alakazam, Mewtwo, Psyduck,Golduck, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slowking, Medicham.

What is TM 90 in Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond the TM 90 is the move substitute.

At what level does psyduck learn disable?

In Diamond and Pearl Psyduck learn Disable at level 14.