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Talk to the underground man after completing his tutorial and he'll tell you he'll let you move boulders if you capture a flag. go into the underground and get a friend to go on his version and use the DS wireless link. find you're friend's secret base and talk to his PC it'll ask you if you want to steal his flag. take it and go to you're base. Talk to your PC and it'll register. You can now have 12 items in your base and remove 4-5 boulders. Hope it helped you.

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Q: How do you move boulders in underground base?
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How do you move big boulders in secret bases?

You need to steal the flag out of your friend's Secret Base underground, then go up to the PC.

Is there a way to move rocks in your secret base on Pokemon diamond without getting an flag?


How do you get rid of boulders in your underground base in Pokemon platinum without capturing any flags?

you need to get flags from plauing with your friends underground. the flags will be in there base so if you find it take the flag and run

What do you do with the flag on Pokemon platinum once you have it?

If you mean in the underground, take it back to your base and go to the computer, you will now have 1 flag and if you get more you can destroy the boulders in your base and add more items

How do you move the boulders in Pokemon HeartGold?

First, you have to get the HM strength, then teach it to and a Pokemon and you can move boulders.

Which HM or TM is needed to move boulders away?

HM "Strength" is used to move boulders.

Where do you move the boulders in seafloor cavern?

You might move boulders off of the seafloor cavern into a ship in order to examine the boulders. Often, this is accomplished using buoys that float the boulders from the seafloor to the ship.

What does a platinum flag do?

it enables you to get rid of boulders in your underground hideout

When do you get to use the move strength?

To move the boulders and clear a path. If there are two types of boulders in your version the boulders with cracks need to have rock smash used on them instead of strenght.

What move can move boulders in Pokemon Y?


Can you move a big boulder in a secret base in Pokemon diamond?

You can put away the boulders once you've stolen at least 1 flag to get the bronze flags. The more flags you steal, the more boulders you can put away.

How boulders move?

By using the HM Strength you can move boulder's