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Q: How do you make your dragon egg hatch On pandanda?
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Can a dragon egg in pandanda hatch in 5 days?

Yes. It actually hatches in four days, but only if you Heat and Love it a lot.

What does the dragon egg do?

Do Twilly's quests to hatch the egg to a baby dragon.

When does the dragon egg hatch in Dragon Fable?

when ever you want it to just go to twilly and select egg hatch.

What is the average time it take for a dragon egg to hatch?

you dont need to wait for the dragon egg to hatch just talk to twilly and he will take you to the cave and you get a dragon

How do you hatch the ender dragon egg?

To hatch the dragon egg, you need to earn the invisible shield. Once you do this, it will allow you to go to the egg, and hatch it. Otherwise you will likely be killed with every attempt.

How do you hatch an ender dragon egg?

You cant

Can you make a egg unfetilized egg hatch?

* Can you make an unfertilized egg hatch? No

Why doesnt the ender dragon egg hatch in minecraft?

It does not hatch, it is just for decoration.

Can you hatch the dragon egg on minecraft for the xbox?

you cant

How do you hatch a ender dragon egg in minecraft?

That is just a block, you can`t hatch it YET.

How do you hatch the dragon egg on Minecraft?

It is not yet possible to hatch the dragon egg in Minecraft, the egg is like a trophy to recognise that you have slain the Ender Dragon. Happy Minecrafting!

How many views needs an egg to hatch on Dragon Cave?

An egg on Dragon Cave does not need a certain amount of views to hatch. However, an egg needs 'unique views' in order to hatch. They will usually need a few hundred unique views.