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What you need to do is hold the toy in her hand and keep talking to her in the mic and she will grab it just give her timeSarahkid: Indeed u have to do this. it took me a long time to figure out how to do it. I had to actually sing into the mic enable to make her grab it. So just wait. I also get the owl things cause she can grab them easier.

Glossom: You don't need to talk into mic, i just blow softly :P

star0o0x:yeah you do even if you blow or sing just make noise in the mic not to loud but give her some time yeah but it is alittle hard when she is moving so much

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Q: How do you make your baby girl grab a toy on baby girl ds?
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How do you make your baby grab a toy?

I would perfer you to get the clover with the mirror on it for the baby to hold on to. You click on the toy and move the toy on his/her hand. You have to follow the babys hand. You do this till it holds the toy. If you have another question just ask and i can help.

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use the rattle to make ur baby crawl over 2 the the toy box or the play pen(i use the toy box)if u use the toy box get ur baby directly in front of the flower use the rattle right above the babys talk,hum,& sing to ur baby until he/she gets up on its own & holds onto the toy box this may take a couple of times but it will work.Now if u use the play pen do the same thing(: hope this works 4 u

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When you make the baby crawl over to the toy box or play pin put the rattle above its head and then hum. Also i haven't gotten that far and i need help on the 6th month my friend told me that is what you do for you question but she didn't tell me mine so can you tell me how to grab onto the toy To Make your baby grab onto the toy you get the toy than you put the toy over his hand and hold it there than he will hold onto the toy. I discovered that is you shake it slightly while putting it against their hand helps. Also, blow softly into the microphone.

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