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you have to catch or kill kyogre

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Q: How do you make the rain stop on route 119 on Pokemon emerald?
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Why is there rain on route 123 Pokemon emerald?

There's no real reason, sometimes it rains, sometimes not.

In Pokemon Emerald where can you get the TM Rain Dance?

I don't remember... I lost my Pokemon Emerald Game.

How do you make it rain in Pokemon emerald?

Get the legendary Pokemon kygore (think it's spelled incorrect) with the field power drizzle.

Where do you get rain dance in Pokemon platinum?

Route 213

Is the rain important at route 213 in Pokemon pearl?


How do you make the Pokemon world rain in Pokemon sapphire?

you have to go to the magma and aqua hideout then go to sootopoilis where kyogre and groudon will be battling then find that steven or Devon dude

How do you catch kryogre on Pokemon emerald?

After defeating the elite four go to the weather institute. Go to the second floor and there will be a man who says about rain or drought occurring in a particular route.If it is rain you would have to go to that route and dive to catch kyogre.hope this helps

What do you do after you get the rain badge in emerald?

Time to go to the Pokemon league and beat the game!

How do you get the rain to stop at the weather institute on Pokemon emerald?

you have to catch or kill kyogre

How do you find kyogre and Groudon?

On Pokemon emerald talk to the weather guy in the weather building near fortreescity and he will say that there will be drought or rain in a route go there and you can find one them repeat this to get the other one enjoy:)

Where to find rain in Pokemon y?

Laverre City and the Route under it.

Where do you get tyroge in Pokemon emerald?

Go to the weater institute, on the secound level is a scientist he will say something like there is heavy rain in route 111. Go to the route he says to go to and dive travel around until you find an entrance into a cave inside you will find kyogre.