How do you make srb2 wads?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Level Wad: Char Wad: Wad Editors/ Etc: (Paste into browser to works) These things may help you.

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Q: How do you make srb2 wads?
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How do you get srb2 wads?

you download them from and you can find them wads

How do you get srb2.wad?

you download them from and you can find them wads

Where can you get srb2 wads?

at or type in google srb2 wad downloads

Where do you get srb2 wads from?

you type in google srb2 wads and when your in the game press ~ and you should get a skreen and type addfile (whatever the file name is) hope this helps!

Where to get srb2 wads? OR click the SRB2 2.0 folder, and get the addon you want.

Where could you find the srb2 wad?

The question would be where to find "a" wad,and you can find a lot of character wads at the srb2 forums.

Can you get some links for srb2 wads?

Edited 12/20/09 10:33 p.m. - Edited yet again

Can you give me a download link for srb2jte full?

Hey you can go on 4shared they have almost everything like Srb2 wads,Srb2 JTE full, and Sonic stuff.

Where are some good level and character wads for srb2?

STH360, Mystic Realm, SMS Unleashed, SonicCE, SonicRE - AmyRE - water leaf - Palm tree panic

How can you make srb2 sprites?

u use socedit

How can you make server in srb2?

u need to put allowjoin on

How do you unlock srb2 secrets?

theres a cheat add sonicx.wad and then sms.wad and go to secrets level select and Mario koopa blast will be there if you don't have the wads I'll give ya the web link