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You have to destroy snow with a shovel, you can not craft it.

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Q: How do you make snowballs on minecraft?
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Can snow golems on minecraft throw snowballs?

Yes they can and they will always do it when attacking.

How do you throw snow balls minecraft?

Right-click while holding snowballs.

How much is a stack in Minecraft?

A standard stack in Minecraft is 64. However, certain items, including ender pearls and snowballs can only be stacked to 16.

What do you do with snow in Minecraft pocket edition?

you cant do anything with but on consoles you can mine and they turn into snowballs and yu can throw them.

What can you make out of snowballs on minecraft?

You can make snow blocks, by putting snowballs in a 2x2 square and you can use snow blocks to make a snow golem by placing a snow block on the ground, then a snow block on top of the other snow block and then you put a jack-a-lantern or a pumpkin on top of the snow stack and then you get a snow golem.

How do you make a snow block on minecraft?

All you need to do is break 4 pieces of snow on the ground with a shovel (any shovel will work) and place the 4 snowballs in a square on the crafting grid.

What can you make using snow?


Justin can build 15 snowballs in a hour but 2 snowballs melt every 15 minutes How long will it take him to make 210 snowballs?

it will take him 56 hours

Where do you find snow on minecraft?

You can find snow in cold biomes, such as ice taigas, tundras and ice spikes. To make snow blocks, you need to dig up snow and arrange the snowballs in a 2x2 square on your crafting grid.

Why cant you find snowballs in others town?

You can. You probably destroyed them, or your friend did. Sometimes, the snowballs are hidden somewhere. (example: behind a group of trees) To restore the snowballs, just go in, and out of a building. Oh, and make sure both of your dates are somewhere in winter, or else there won't be any snowballs.

Are there snowballs in space?

there are no snowballs in space

How do you make a snowball on animal crossing wild world?

There are random snowballs lying around the town. You push them into bigger sizes to make a snowman out of three snowballs, but dung beetles roll them into the river, so search quickly!