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You will need the following items:

The Required Levels.

1x Cut Sapphire, if it is uncut simply use a chisel on it to cut it.

1x Ball of Wool

1x Gold Bar

1x Amulet Mould

Runes for Level-1 Enchant. Optional

To make the amulet you do the following:

  1. Go to Falador, this is the best place to go for this kind of thing since there is a bank nearby a furnace, Alternatively you can go to Edgeville.
  2. Make sure you have the listed items above with you, then head to the furnace.
  3. Once at the furnace, use a gold bar on it and click the Sapphire Amulet Icon.
  4. Once you have the Amulet piece in your inventory, use a Ball of Wool on it to complete the amulet.
  5. This part is where you repeat steps 2-4 until you have as many as you need, and optionally you can enchant them to make Amulet of Magic's.
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Q: How do you make sapphire amulet on runescape?
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How do you make a sapphire amulet on runescape?

a sapphire from an uncut sapphire by using a chisle on it, and smelt a gold bar into a sapphire necklace.

How to get the amulet on sapphire?

Get an uncut sapphire and grab a chisel and knife. Right click the sapphire and make a sapphire. Grab a wire and use sapphire on wire. That is how you make a amulet of sapphire.

How do you make sapphire amulet on runescappe?

Search how do you make a magic amulet, then just skip the enchant part. (Amulet mould + cut sapphire + ball of wool + gold bar + furnace.)

What is the best amulet of power in runescape?

Amulet of Glory?

How do you get a mind amulet on RuneScape?

on RuneScape there are no Mind amutlets

How do you make a amulet of slaying in RuneScape?

There is no Slayer Amulet - there is a Slayer Ring, though, which can be crafted with 75 crafting after obtaining the recipe from a Slayer Master.

How do you make a sapphire ring in runescape?

you get gold bars and a ring mold and a sapphire go to a furnes and click sapphire ring

How do you enchant sapphire items on RuneScape?

To enchant sapphire items you need level 7 magic. Have one Water Rune and one Cosmic Rune in your inventory. Click on the spell "Lvl-1 Enchant" in your spell book. Then it will show you your inventory. Click on a sapphire ring, necklace, bracelet or amulet and it will then enchant it (only members of Runescape can enchant rings, necklaces and bracelets).

On Runescape how do you get an amulet of glory?

rofl the ge

How do you make sapphire rings on runescape?

to make sapphire rings, you must have a bar of gold, a polished sapphire and a ring mold in your inventory, and use the gold bar on a furnace

What do you get if you enchant diamond amulet on runescape?

Diamond Amulet becomes an Amulet of Power - It gives some attributes to Attack and Defence bonuses.

Amulet of ghostspeak in RuneScape?

Restless Ghost quest