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use a bucket or jug of water with it

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Q: How do you make really hard clay to come soft?
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What natural resource did the pueblo people use to make their homes?

They used straw and baked it together with their homemade clay to make really hard bricks.

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How do you make clay on alchemy game on droid?

Swamp + sand = clay it is really... Mud+sand = clay

How can I make clay marbles?

Roll clay and put by fire till its hard and lite colored

How do you get eyeliner off?

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How do you make homemade clay that you can bake so it is hard?

yes you can bake clay that you made at home then eat it

Can you dry modeling clay in an oven?

you cannot bake ordinary plasticene clay. what make is the clay? if it is Fimo or Sculpey you can bake it, otherwise be careful or you will end up with toxic fumes! you can also buy clay called Darwi which dries hard in 24 hours .

What is the Role of clay in moulding sand?

Clay is introduced to the sand for the sand to help mantain its shape when forming. and it make the mould hard and to retain the casting the clay is tow types one is active clay and dead clay

What house did the pueblo live in?

They lived in apartment like homes made out of straw and clay baked together to make really hard bricks. They are called adobe homes/houses.

What types of clay do potters use?

The Greeks used a really weird type of clay called the tiygu. This clay is very soft until fired then it becomes harder than most clays. The Greek, sometimes, also use a clay called dertiu which is a very rare clay found in Canada. This type of clay is very hard and only some of the more experienced Greeks could make pots with dertiu clay>

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