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Pickpocket H.A.M members until u get them then click "polish"

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Q: How do you make polished buttons in runescape?
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How do you make polished buttons on runescape?

You don't make them, you pick-pocket h.a.m guards or members for some buttons, then you simply click them for polished buttons.

How do you get polished buttons in runescape?

to get polished buttons you have to pickpocket h.a.m. women and u will get them soon

Where do you get polished buttons on runescape?

you can get them from HAM members

How do you craft polished buttons on RuneScape?

i don't really know how to make them but you can buy it from the grand exchange or steal it from H.A.M guards and use the polish option on them.

For what do you need polished buttons?

polished buttons are simply used for animal magnetism quest.

How do you make polished buttons on ruhnescape?

You have to pickpocket an H.A.M. member in the trapdoor a little bit west of Lumbridge to get the buttons. Then you just right click and select 'clean buttons.'

How do you craft polished buttpns in runescape?

if your asking how to get them as far as i can remember the only way was by stealing it from H.A.M people but the higher your theiving lvl the less likely you will be of getting them and as for polishing them i think you just right click on them and there will be and option to clean them and you just click that and wala you have polished buttons

How do you chat with the keybord on RuneScape?

You type buttons

How do you make sapphire rings on runescape?

to make sapphire rings, you must have a bar of gold, a polished sapphire and a ring mold in your inventory, and use the gold bar on a furnace

How can you make a watch on RuneScape?

You can't make watches in Runescape.

How do you make a server on RuneScape?

You cannot make a server on runescape!

Where is the account management in runescape?

Go to the link below, and make sure you are on the homepage. Under the big "Play Now" button, there is another rectangle button that says "Account" hover over it and more buttons will appear, one of these buttons will say "Account Management"