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sorry you can't

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Q: How do you make pale green in flipnote studio?
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How do you make yellow in flipnote studio?

u cant but u can do pale green by having a box of blue fuzzy thing paint and put black fuzzy thing on and its pale green to make a box hold start and select at the same time and draw

What does green and white make?

Pale or pastel green.

How make pale green colur to parrot green color?

yellow colour

What colours make ivory white?

It takes white pale green and dark green

What colours do you mix to make pale green?

Sage green is a pale, greyed green. Use one part medium green, one part white and one eighth part black. Mix well and adjust to desired shade.

What would make a bowel movement pale green?

Bacterial infection

What Colour would pale LIME and pale Turquois Make?

I believe it would make a "sea foam green" color. Play around and experiment with it a little.

What color makes pale green?

If you mix white and green, it makes pale green, but only if you add more white then green !~

What are the colors of August?

pale green

What are August colors?

pale green

Why are some cucumbers pale green?

Some are pale because they are overripe. Others are pale because they were in too shady an area.

Is an alien green?

So far no one has met or discovered one. They are usually pictured with big eyes, pale skin, and very small. If you want yours to be green then make it green.