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Press Ctrl, Shift and C all at the same time to activate the cheat box. Then type in 'Testingcheatsenabled true'. Now when another Sim comes press shift and click on them. Press 'add to active family'. I'm sorry i don't know how to get them back out of your family though.

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Q: How do you make other sims selectable sims 3?
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How do you make other sims be selectable sims 3?

Press "Ctrl Alt Delete" and the cheat menu will appear. Type in "testingcheatsenabled true" (without quotations). Then "Shift Click" on the Sim(s) you want to make selectable. Once the menu appears select either "Add to family" or "Make selectable". Then the Sim will appear on your family bar. That's all!

On the sims 3 is there a cheat to make someone selctible that's not in your household?

I don't know if it works on the sims 3, but i have the sims life stories and if you open the cheat box (ctrl + alt + C) and type: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true just like that, and hold down the shift key when you select a sim, one option will be, *MAKE SELECTABLE* and it will make them selectable, it also allows many other things to happen, hold the shift key down when you click on things to find out. it doesent work on sims 3 their isn't a boolprop cheat

Is there a Naruto Sims 3?

with downloads you can make naruto sims or sims for any other anime! the sims 3 website has items to download and modthesims2 . com has downloads for the sims 2 and 3

Can you play as a child on the Sims 3?

yes! you can even play as a toddler on the sims 3. when a sim is born they start off as, well a new born. they are selectable but they can't do much. but once a sim becomes a toddler you have full control over them for the rest of their lives.

Can you make babies in sims 3 pets?

Yes, you can make babies in the Sims 3.

How do you get babies at sims 2 apartment pets?

Okay first you need to have Sims 2 Apartment, it doesn't matter if you don't have Sims 2 Pets, as I discovered. Then create a family. 1. Move you'r family into an apartment. Make sure you have two pets in your family. 2. type in "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" [without "] and drag your pets' relationships up for one enother. 3. Make sure you have a dog house. Make one of you'e Sims selectable and click on one pet. Then click try for offspring with... and click on the other pets name. within 3 days your pets should give birth. Hope I helped.

Why was The Sims 3 made for PC?

i mean really, why not? all of the other sims games first came out for PC so it makes sence that they would make the sims 3 for the PC also. don't worry though eventually you'll see the sims 3 for other consols.

Do you need any of the other sims games to have Sims 3?

no, you only need the sims 3 to play the sims 3 :D

Are they going to make another sims game after Sims 3?

They always make New Sims Game every 3 years

How do you make monny on Sims 3?

You get your Sims to get a job.

How do you make your sims tiptoe on Sims 3?

you can't

Will it be possible to make other neighbourhoods in the Sims 3 like in the Sims 2 you could add other neighbourhoods other than PleasantView StrangeTown etc?

Not unless you download Riverside from the Sims 3 Website, you must make an account first. To do so you will need to own the Sims 3 It is said that later on, for advanced Sims 3 players, an expansion pack will come out in which you can build your own neighborhood