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Q: How do you make medal in little achemy?
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How do you make life in a little alchemy?

you guys don't know how to play little achemy only i do

How do you make cow on achemy?

Domestic animals + ruminants

How do you make life in little achemy?

How to make Life:Energy + Swamp = LifeEnergy:Fire + Air = EnergyFire = StarterAir = StarterSwamp:Mud + Plant = SwampI tyed this up on this page: How_do_you_make_men_on_little_alchemy

What do china gold medal winners get?

A gold medal plus a little appreciation. :)

Where is the bee on I spy mystery?

In the drawer on the second page, theres a little spelling bee medal. The little bee is on that medal, of course

How are the gold medal and the human cell similar?

a cell is almost a little like the medal because they are both have atoms in them

How can you make a sentence using medal?

When I won the footrace, they gave me a medal!

What does it cost to make gold medal?


What is the use of bone grinder medal in aqw?

The use of the Bonegrinder Medal in AQWorlds is to make the axe of Artix!

What is a field op in Club Penguin?

a little mission which if you complete you get a EPF medal

Is Medal of honor inappropriate?

medal of honor is inappropriate for children under 10,Because it is so intense and little kids under 10 don't understand.

What is that thing Rio medal winners get with their med?

It is a little 3D-printed versions of the Rio 2016 logo, apparently designed to hold and display the Olympic medal.