How do you make jukebox minecraft?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You need 8 wooden planks and 1 diamond. Put the diamond in the middle of a crafting table, and put wooden planks around them.

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Q: How do you make jukebox minecraft?
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How do you play music on minecraft?

Make a jukebox and play some records.

How do you make a jukebox in minecraft?

You can't, the jukebox is only available in the PC version of minecraft..

What do you do with a CD in minecraft?

make a jukebox 8 planks on the outer and 1 diamond in the middle

What does 8 wooden planks and 1 diamond make in minecraft?

8 wooden planks and 1 diamond makes a jukebox on Minecraft. You can play music discs that you find using this.

What can you do with 2 diamond gems in Minecraft?

By itself, nothing If you have wood, you could make a diamond sword, a diamond shovel, a diamond hoe or a jukebox

How do you exit in minecraft?

press back on your device and press quit-to-title

What is a music discs?

A music disc is like a movie disc, except it just playsmusic and not a video, if your talking about minecraft ( the game, then it is a disc you put in a jukebox, in minecraft.

Where did they make the jukebox?

the united states

How do you make the Jumpin' jukebox work on webkinz?

You just click on the Jumpin' Jukebox and your pet will begin to jump around!!!!

How do you play records on minecraft?

Records can be played by making a jukebox. It is crafted by putting wooden planks on all spaces on the crafting table except the middle slot, like you would to make a chest, then you put a diamond in the middle slot. If you have a jukebox and need records to play in it, you can get them by finding them in dungeons, or having a skeleton deal the killing blow to a creeper with one of its arrows. To play the record, have it in your hand and right click with it on the jukebox.

What does a jukebox do in Minecraft?

play the two different kinds of Music Discs (previously called records) that can be acquired. These are Gold Discs and Green Discs. The Gold Disk plays "Thirteen" by C418 and the Green Disc plays "Cat" by C418. Right click a Jukebox with a Disc to play it, and right click the Jukebox again to eject the disc.

How do you use CD's in mine craft?

Firstly, you have to make a jukebox with 8 wood and 1 diamond. Then, you have to right click on the jukebox with the disc and it will play. Once the song is finished, right click on the jukebox again and the disc will pop out.