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Its very simple really, you just have to get TWO controllers, get them to SIGN IN, then open a new or previous world you made, then it will flash on the screen and it will say PRESS START TO JOIN, this is not talking to you, but to the second player! That should work.

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Q: How do you make it two player on minecraft xbox?
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What are the objects you need to do two player split screen in minecraft for xbox?

To do split screen in the Xbox360 edition, minecraft mandates that the user has an HD tv.

How do you play two player on minecraft for xbox?

you must have a HDMI cord hooked up to your TV to play splitscreen.

How do you play two player in minecraft on xbox?

Im having the same problem I try to press start and it doesn't do anything

How do fly in minecraft xbox?

hit a two times

How do you have two players on Minecraft through Xbox Live?

You are suppose to start the second controller press start make a new profile sign in press the xbox button and you will join.

Driver 3 xbox on two player?

is driver 3 two player on xbox

How do you play slpitscreen on Minecraft xbox360?

Make sure you have two controllers, then open a previous or new world, when it is done loading it should say, "PRESS START TO JOIN", that means you second player! NOTE: (You may need to have two Xbox Live accounts or guest for the second player)

Can you play minecraft multiplayer on one xbox with two remotes?

Yes you can.

How do you put in split screen in minecraft Xbox edition?

Make sure you have two controllers, open a previous or new map, then tell the second player to hit the A button, there will be a box that appears and it will say, "PRESS START TO JOIN", that is talking to the second player. Press the start button.

How do you play two player on the same x-box360 minecraft?

First off you must be using an HDMI cable for the input from the xbox to your tv. If you are using the Yellow white and red cord that comes with the xbox it will not let you play split screen minecraft. If you have a HDMI cable make sure both people are signed in to an account and then hit the start button and it should let you into the game. Hope this helps!

How do you get 2 player on Minecraft on the same Xbox 360 system?

Just have two controllers on and start the world with the first player. Then have the second player press Start until a menu pops up asking for the user. Once that is complete, the two of you can now play in the same world, together.

How do you play local multiplayer on minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

First you need to click on play game and click Xbox box live and now you are playing on Internet but if you have no Internet go on offline and two controllers must be on and now to 2nd con click start and now your playing two player :)