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Yeah! It's Carrot Cake, Pink Lemonade, and a coconut! (It works! I've tried it!)

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Q: How do you make chortletorte in webkinz?
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How do you make Webkinz chorteltorte?

Chortletorte Stove Coconut Carrot Cake Pink Lemonade

What do you use to make chortletorte in Webkinz?

I am bot exactly sure, but if you go to the Webkinz Insider website, it has alot of cool recipes. I hope I helped!

How do you make webkinz prismamunch?

Here is how to make Prismamunch: 1) Ainbowray Canape (Blueberries, Cherries, and Webkinz Crackers) 2) Chortletorte ( Carrot Cake, Pink Lemonade, and a Coconut) 3) Mizzleberry Jacks (Pancakes, Pizza, and Strawberries) I am soo convenient.- AnimalCrossingfan100 ^_^

Will Webkinz ever make a Webkinz meerkat?

No no no no no no no

Do retired Webkinz still work on the computer?

Yes, they do. The retired webkinz are just webkinz that the people that make webkinz, don't make any more.

Why don't you make a parrot Webkinz?

NO. There is no parrot webkinz!

On Webkinz what is the Webkinz studio?

The Webkinz studio is a place where you can use little puppets to make to make 2-3 minute films.

How can you make a Webkinz movie whth someone on Webkinz?

you can't make movies with anyone but you.

Where do you make a webkinz movie?

You have to buy the studio first then you can make a webkinz movie. Too make a movie at home, you can get some webkinz, make a backround if you want, and film it. Its pretty easy. but yeah, on webkinz world, to make a movie you need to buy the movie studio, some movie sets, and movie characters. Then you can make a webkinz movie

How do you make clothing for your non virtual webkinz?

You can buy some webkinz xlothes at places that sell webkinz, Or, you can knit clothes for a webkinz

Does Webkinz have stock?

It depends on what you mean by stock. If you mean the stock of the webkinz, then yes. The webkinz people make the webkinz and send them out in stocks to the stores that sell them. Every once in a while, they'll stop making one kind of webkinz and make it that kind of webkinz 'retired'.

How can you make your own code up on webkinz?

You cannot make up a code on Webkinz or you will get banned