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Put 3 wheat in a row on a crafting table.

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Q: How do you make bread with the wheat in minecraft?
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Can you make anything with wheat on minecraft?

Bread and Cake

What can you do with wheat in Minecraft?

You can make bread, cookies, cake, and feed it to cows, pigs, chicken, and sheep to make them breed.

How do make bread in minecraft?

You put wheat across the crafting table. Recipe as follows: "w" = wheat "x" = slots on crafting table to be left empty xxx xxx www

How do you make a loaf of bread in minecraft?

go to your crafting table and do this: n= wheat a= empty AAA AAA NNN

What can you do with wheat?

make bread

What do you do with wheat?

make bread

What do you make from wheat in Minecraft?

You can several things from wheat in Minecraft. The most basic thing is bread, made by putting three wheat in a row in a workbench. You can also make a cake, which has a more complicated recipe. Wheat can also be used on animals to make them reproduce. For example: Find two cows, right click with wheat on both of them, and a baby cow should appear. I forgot any other recipes if there are more, so go on the Minecraft wiki for more:

How is harvest time related to bread?

you harvest wheat, wheat is partly how you make bread,DUMB-ASS

What food can make with wheat?

you can make biscuits and cakes and bread and tortillas and pancakes with wheat

Why is bread got to do in harvest time?

because you have to get the wheat to make the flour to make the bread

What ground wheat product is commonly used to make bread?

wheat flour

How do you make whole wheat bread?

You use a regular bread recipe and substitute half of the flour with whole wheat flour.