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Lapis lazuli (the blue dye) cannot be crafted, but is mined from lapis lazuli ore, which can be found most commonly between 13 and 16 metres above bedrock level. Mining a lapis lazuli ore block with a stone or stronger pickaxe yields 4-8 lapis lazuli shards.

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Q: How do you make blue dye in minecraft?
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What do you do with lapiz lazuli in Minecraft?

You can craft things with Lapis like: A Lapis Lazuli block, light blue dye, cyan dye, purple dye, magenta dye and blue wool. You can check out Minecraft Wiki for some help and tips.

How do you make purple dye in minecraft?

Find and mine some 'Lapis Lazuli'. This is blue dye, and mix it with red dye, which can be obtained by putting a red flower into the crafting table, then put both the lapis and the red dye into the crafting table to make purple.

How do you make purple dye?

mix red and blue dye Red dye- redberries blue dye- woad leaves

How do you make purple wool in minecraft?

Put Lapis Lazuli in your crafting slot to make Blue Dye. Put bones in your crafting slot to make Bonemeal. Put Bonemeal and Blue Dye together to make Light Blue Dye. The dye can be used to dye wool as normal.

How do you make blue salt?

blue dye

How do you make blue pants out of brown pants?

Dye them blue with a blue dye you can buy at Wal-Mart maybe?

What kind of dye do you need for goblins diplomacy?

You need orange dye and blue dye. Aggie in Draynor Village can make red, yellow and blue dye. Combine the red and yellow to make orange dye.

How do you make blue color?

If something is not already blue, you can dye it. Indigo is a plant famous for its blue dye. It was used to make blue jeans. However the dye can now be made in the laboratory.

What can you make with lapis lazuli in Minecraft?

You can make blocks out of it, for building with, it can also be used as a dye.

What colors of dye can you make on RuneScape on and how?

you can make yellow blue red dyes in runescape. to make the dyes you need to go to aggie the witch who lives in draynor village. she will ask for some items and a little money. it won't exceed 5gps. for red dye.. you will need redberries and for blue dye you will need woad leaves..for yellow dye you will need onions

How do you dye orange fabric to make blue?

you can make blue jeans by denim and use a sewing machine and sew them and you have to make sure that they are even you cand invent blue jeans

How do you make orange dye in minecraft?

Orange dye can be made by putting yellow dye (from crafting yellow flowers) and red dye (from crafting red flowers) on the crafting table.