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You buy shears and then go shear a sheep. After you have done that, up in Lumbridge castle there is a spinning wheel on the second floor. Use it with what you sheared from the sheep.

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Q: How do you make balls of wool on runescape?
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In runescape where do you find a spinning wheel to make balls of wool?

in lumbridge castle the second floor

How do you make thread on RuneScape?

I guessed the first bit. I think you need balls of wool. Oh crap forget this look on youtube you lazy craphead.

How do you get string in runscape?

The easiest way to get string in RuneScape is by buying it off of the Grand Exchange located in Varrock. Although, it is possible to create different types of string by using balls of wool or flax. Flax is used to make bow strings while balls of wool are used to create amulet strings.

How do you make epic money on runescape?

all you have to do is what i do i shear sheep and then sell the wool

What do you do with a ball of wool on runescape?

you can make string with it to put on your unstrung symbols or your amulets.

How do you use wool in runescape?

You can make cloth by ball of wool by, Going to a loom to weave it. Only loom I know is in Draynor Manor next to cabbage port in the farmhouse. You would need 4 balls of wool to make strip of cloth. *MEMBERS ONLY*

I already have 3 balls of wool but he says you that bring 3 balls of wool again which i already haverunescape?

I am assuming that what you are talking about is the quest where you have to get BLACK balls of wool and give it to the farmer. You get black balls of wool by shearing the black sheep, then spinning the wool on the spinning wheel.

Is there a difference from cotton balls and cotton wool?

yes. wool is from goats but cotton balls are made from cotton.

What store in RuneScape sells cannon balls?

No store in Runescape does such.

What do you with stone balls on runescape?

throw them at people of cpurse! =D you weild them and can "pelt" people with it, they are originally from the 2008 event (i think) and u can keep obtaining more snow balls if u have a globe! have fun throwing snow at people!

What is made out of balls of wool on rune scape?

Wool. You can get wool from shearing sheep and then going to a spinning wheel and spin the wool into a ball of wool.

Is there a difference from cotton balls and wool cotton?

Cotton, They're soft than wool (i guess) but i choose cotton