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Used a mod or put grass in your house dirt doesn't work so you need to find grass surrounding that dirt you placed and then you need to wait till the dirt goes to grass. Animals only spawn near grass.

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Q: How do you make animals spawn in your house in minecraft?
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How do you make animals spawn in minecraft 1.9?

you use some kind of mod, or throw eggs until you spawn a chicken

How do you spawn in farm in minecraft?

You can't spawn in a farm. You make one.

How an you spawn baby animals using Single Player Commands in Minecraft?

You can't make baby animals. You have to let them spawn normally. If your world was created in a version older than 0.6.0 then no baby animals for you. Meaning if the world has to be created in 0.6.0 or newer for baby animals to spawn.

How do you spawn animals in Minecraft pe?

In order to spawn mobs or animals in minecraft pe you need to buy the app Minecraft Pocket edition Invpro. For $1.50 you can spawn mobs, change your game from creative to survival, hack in LAVA and WATER BLOCKS, and much more! P.S. Don't spawn over 100 mobs. It will glitch your game. By: THE MINECRAFT MASTER

Did Minecraft get a update?

Minecraft got an update just a little bit ago. Now you have a bucket,lava,water,egg,spawn chicken egg,spawn sheep egg,spawn cow egg,spawn pic egg, and cake. The eggs make the animals so you can make a farm. It also has a message thing. Yes minecraft did get an update

What are compasses used for in Minecraft?

They are used to make maps and find the original spawnpoint.

How do you find your house in minecraft?

If you lost it once, you will hardly found it again. If you remember where you were going from spawn area, then just follow those steps, because in one world, you will always spawn on one place, as many people didnt notice. So if you dont remember steps, make another house and make giant block tower near the new house, or make signs from spawn place to house, so next time you die, you will easily get back to your house.

How do you spawn silverfish on Minecraft?

Get single player commands then type in spawn silver fish. Make sure it's not on peaceful.

How do you make a big tree in minecraft?

You need a sapling from a tree that spawn in the jungle.

How do you make mobs upsidedown on minecraft?

You name the spawn egg dinnerbone or grumm

How do you make a spawner in minecraft?

You cant make it expect you can spawn it with TooManyItems NotEnoughItems.. In Creative mode or in a mod

How do you make you minecraft mutiplayer spawn inbreakable?

You need a mod for that, I dont know of one.