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First upload a t-shirt that you want to be the VIP shirt. Then, insert a t-shirt VIP commands script from the free models. Finally, edit the script so the texture ID of the t-shirt is the same as the texture ID required to make someone a VIP in the script.

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Q: How do you make an admin commands shirt for Roblox?
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How do you use admin commands?

It depends where you are in the game! If you are in someone else's game, You would need to buy the shirt or ask the owner to make you admin, If you are in your place, You would need to open roblox studio and put in admin commands script -CaptianC3 (Roblox)

What is the Lua script for Roblox to make commands?

Admin commands? There are many in free models.

How do you make yourself admin on roblox?

Well if you mean ROBLOX company admin, like Telamon or Keith, you can't just become one. If you mean like admin commands then you add an admin commands script into your place and say some of the commands it comes with.

How do you sell stuff on roblox when your builders club?

Make a T-shirt (such as an Admin) or a shirt.

How do you make people admins on roblox?

There is no way to make another user an admin on the Roblox website. However, you can give a user admin-like powers within your place using an admin commands script. Check out the related questions below for instructions on how to use an admin commands script.

How do you get to make commands in roblox?

Making your own admin commands takes a lot of scripting, it is much easier to just insert a script from the free models. One popular admin commands script is Person229's admin commands. You can find these commands on the free models and then modify them to work for you.

How do you get in vip on roblox?

It depends on the creator of the map, if he has builders club then he can make you an admin through an admin shirt, but he has to make an admin door and an admin script so no unauthorized robloxians don't go in.

How do you get in to the admin room in Avatar legends of the Arena in roblox?

The owner must make you a Admin/VIP or buy their Admin/VIP shirt if its avalible for the place. kthanksbai =)

How do you make commands for your place on roblox?

One of the most popular admin commands script is "Person229's admin commands". You can find these commands on the free models. There are also numerous other VIP command scripts available on the free models which you can use.

How do you make admin at your place on roblox?

1 For shirt admin, get a shirt admin door, go into script, change the ID number to the ID of the shirt you want. or make from scratch. 2 For name admin, get a name admin door, go in script, find names, delete old names, put in new names for admins.

How do you make an admin shirt for your place on roblox?

You can find many VIP t-shirt doors on the free models. Most doors will have instructions in their script explaining how to make them work with your t-shirt. You can also find a tutorial on how to make a VIP shirt on the Roblox Wiki.

How do you make an admin list on roblox?

First open your place in the Roblox studio. Then open the insert window and go to free models. Search for "admin commands" and insert one, then edit the script to have your name (and anyone else you want to be admin) in the admins list.